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Yes, You Can Get a DUI on a Bicycle


When most people think of someone getting arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), they think of someone operating a car or truck. However, you can get a DUI even while riding a bicycle in many places. DUI laws are not only for automobiles. In one DUI case, a man was arrested for driving a riding lawnmower while under the influence of alcohol. He thought he was skirting the system by driving a lawnmower instead of a car. He was wrong.

If a person is arrested for riding a bicycle while drunk, they will face the same legal repercussions as they would if they were driving a car under the same circumstances. A bicycle DUI charge could lead to jail time, fines and loss of driver's license. If you are ever charged with a DUI while riding a bicycle, or operating any other vehicle, you need to contact a DUI attorney. For more info, go here.

Most states are lenient on first time offenders. For this reason, most people just plead guilty. However, even if (as a first time offender) you aren't facing a harsh punishment, a DUI conviction can follow you for the rest of your life. A DUI conviction could make you lose out on unemployment opportunities and other opportunities down the line. Even if you are facing your first ever DUI you should hire an attorney.

If you have already been found guilty of DUI and are facing a second charge, you definitely need a lawyer. Keep these things in mind. There is no question about it. After a person first offense, the legal consequences of getting a DUI are much harsher. Many groups have advocated to change the lenient laws for first time offenders. These groups suggest that the leniency shown to those with their first DUI only encourages people to continue to drink and drive.

               A second conviction of DUI could land a person in prison. The loss of driving privileges are also much more severe the second time around. A second conviction could see someone losing their licenses for years. If a person needs to drive in order to go to work they could lose the ability to support themselves. A DUI attorney can be a tremendous help in defending those with DUI. They may even be able to get a case thrown out. If you or someone you know has been charged with operating a vehicle under the influence, contact a local DUI attorney as soon as possible. Read to gain more info about DUI.

Post by drunkdrivinglaws (2016-02-02 00:04)

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